Validate ideas and build
products with market fit. Fast

We are experts providing knowledge in digital commerce, service and manufacturing to businesses doing the next.

It’s all about the next step in digitalisation. We help our clients finding and doing these next necessary steps. Based on our experience and expert network our main focus is on digital commerce, digital service and digital manufacturing. We have a proven success record and more than mutiple years of experience in all 3 fields. If it makes sense we love to bring these even together by concepting a mass customization product development process.

Start to use your potential of digitalisation with about next

About next is getting things done and know who to talk to to find the best fitting solution for our customer needs.


Trough our career during the last years we ware able to build a stable global network around the globe.


The next is part of our NAME and DNA. So we are always advising clients on innovative solutions.


We are proud of our established partnerships which makes us smarter, stronger and more successful.

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